Firm’s advocacy for Parish employees makes the news

This week, local news site again reported on the fed­eral law­suit filed by for­mer Parish Pres­i­dent Taf­faro against St. Bernard Parish and sev­eral of its high-ranking offi­cials. The firm rep­re­sents sev­eral St. Bernard Parish employ­ees in that lawsuit.

In the arti­cle, the reporter quoted exten­sively from Gre­gory Rome’s mem­o­ran­dum sup­port­ing his clients’ motion to dis­miss the lawsuit:

Gre­gory Rome, the attor­ney rep­re­sent­ing most of the other parish gov­ern­ment per­son­nel named in the suit, argued that “Mr. Taffaro’s com­plaint tries to paint a pic­ture of a Parish Gov­ern­ment rid­dled with sin­is­ter actors work­ing in the dark to destroy him.”

Instead, it reveals Mr. Taf­faro grasp­ing at straws, carp­ing about seem­ingly every real or imag­ined slight he has ever received, and des­per­ately try­ing to jus­tify his own bad behav­ior through the use of the fed­eral courts,” Rome wrote.

Rome later argues that Taffaro’s com­plaint “piles para­graph upon para­graph of scan­dalous, irrel­e­vant, and deroga­tory accu­sa­tions in hopes that some­thing will stick and that, per­haps if he blows enough smoke, the Court will infer the pos­si­bil­ity of fire.”

Rome adds, “defama­tion requires more than an alle­ga­tion that some­one did some­thing Mr. Taf­faro did not like.”

 Mr. Taf­faro has not yet responded to the motion.
UPDATE: The law­suit against St. Bernard Parish and its employ­ees has been dis­missed.

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