Practice Areas

Williams & Rome is a full-service law firm. With our expe­ri­ence and train­ing, we are ready for any­thing and will per­son­ally work with you through the entire process from start to fin­ish. Below you will find a par­tial list of mat­ters we com­monly han­dle. Should you need assis­tance with a mat­ter that is not listed below, please do not hes­i­tate to con­tact us.

  • Fam­ily law — divorce, child sup­port, child cus­tody, and alimony
  • Suc­ces­sions, dona­tions, and wills
  • Elec­tion contests
  • Per­sonal injury and wrong­ful death
  • Real estate transfers
  • Prop­erty law — qui­et­ing tax titles, leases, bound­ary and own­er­ship disputes
  • Com­mer­cial lit­i­ga­tion — liens, debt col­lec­tion, and contracts
  • Busi­ness for­ma­tion — cor­po­ra­tions, LLCs, and partnerships
  • Gen­eral civil litigation